The old computer gathers dust in the sala. It waits to be reborn. A phoenix rises though not yet.The silicon itches to fly and storm the night. I have illegal downloads to store.

So my new project begins. An old Asus p5pe-vm motherboard awaits new fixes. The ancient monitor shrieks in death. A lawyers file inhibits purging. My Eclipse/Netbeans projects needs typing.

Closed for renovation.

The computer was once part of my mother’s Law office. Now transferred to our house and filled with malware it’s practically useless. It’s quite old but it was in its heyday pretty expensive. Currently it only has 256 MB of ram and 80GB of harddrive. A damaged DVD drive, an ancient graphics card and Windows XP for an OS

Apparently my computer has two slots for RAM and maximizable for 2GB. 1GB for each slot. Although I as of yet have to determine the maximum GB in my Hard Drives. Hopefully I can replace the all important drive that cannot be erased. Buy a compatible graphics card and replace the broken DVD player, monitor and install Windows 7. As well as add an electric battery back-up.


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