Is the Philippines overpopulated?

I once asked this question to our ecology teacher. Although it wasn’t the topic of the day as a Renaissance man he answered the question with sternness and clarity.

“It is not just the Philippines but other countries across the world where the majority of resources is transferred to First World countries. But to answer your question, yes the Philippines is overpopulated.”

So there you go, a clear and unassailable argument on the necessity of artificial birth control. Which I can only opine as superior argument to your religious teacher asking you if Mindanao and Visayas is overpopulated. An answer to which can be summed up when I ditched class to attend a BAYAN forum (guest speaker: Renato Reyes). The meeting was about the housing crisis of America as I recall on the July of 2009. After the pitch for National Democracy and socialism I asked about the impact of overpopulation on Philippine society. Renato Reyes replied thus:

“Eh hindi naman problema ang populasyon eh, ang problema ang mga tao sa probinsya pumupunta sa siyudad kasi akala nila may trabaho doon.” (Population is not a problem. The problem is people from the country migrating to the cities because they think they have jobs their.)

Members of the panel also added the main reason that we we’re having a hard time in material production and food security was due to importation as opposed to domestic consumption. Arguing that if the Philippines utilized its resources internally we’d be able to support even a larger population. Overpopulation they conclude isn’t the root problem.

As a follow up to my inquiries I accosted Sir Fuentes if the BAYAN argument was true. Can the Philippines survive if we stopped exporting sugar cane, bananas and cash crops? A brief pause and presumably genius number crunching later he said,

“Yes, the Philippines can survive if that were the case. However we’d have to clear the mountains to make for the houses and at this current growth rate we’d no longer be able to support an increasing population.”

Scientific, precise and filled with technical details. This is “the” correct answer to the population question. So if anyone asks me if the Philippines is congested I’d link my blog post. Which at this point I can arrogantly proclaim as glaringly obvious. Manila has the largest ratio of population to square area in the globe. People live in the streets going hungry while the countryside get more and more congested. One day, when all the nutrients in the petri-dish has dried up bacteria are gonna die off real fast. Seeing as how we can’t colonize other worlds yet guess who’s gonna be the bacteria.


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