This will be an application letter I’ll be dying to pass.

July 9, 2011
Junior Ecology Members
Cor Jesu College

Revolutionary greetings,

As part of our school requirements each student is tasked to join at least one non-academic organization. With the limited number of accredited and rubber stamped organizations in this college the pickings are slim. It was either you people a sport org or the Rotaract club.

Fortunately, my tree-hugging nature compels me to serve the environment by planting trees. Also a nice way to stretch your legs in the country or a mangrove beach.

Therefore I humbly ask for your permission to join your cabal. It is my personal hope to advance the interests of Mother Earth and reduce the impact of Global Warming. Which technically speaking is not yet proven to be caused by man made CO2. Their are many other causes of Earth’s temperature rise such as cyclic increase in solar temperature.

Politically Correct,

Ardeen Roy Diamante

BSIT – 2
With so many units in Biology.



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