The Future of Nuclear Power

NB: This is going to be a reserve article should the BNPP revival ever come up again in the future.

Nuclear Power as it is currently known is polluting, expensive and lethal.

From U-235 the raw ore is used to power up reactors across the globe. The energy derived from them may be cheaper at times than other conventional energy sources like coal but the waste products can produce nuclear weapons.The mining of this rare ore is expensive. The storage and disposal of the waste product is long-term as to ensure the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Yet an alternative has existed all along. Due to America’s Cold War and Nuclear Weapons Program the globe is stuck with Uranium as the source for nuclear energy. Thorium, an element cheaper to mine, utilize and handle is the best alternative. Using Liquid Flouride (not Close-Up) Thorium Reactors the cost, dangers and energy produced is more suitable for human use. Bringing hope that a “silver bullet” has been found for the world’s looming energy crisis.

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Ok lang na ma-disbar ako, sukad wala man ko nag-work as lawyer. Sayang lang ako 5 years nag-eskwela nga gihaguan nako. (It’s okay that I get disbarred. I never got to work as a lawyer anyway. I just wasted 5 years studying law.)

-Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte

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