Cloud Storage

Watching GOOGLE’s I/O developer summit on YouTube last night. Saw impressive tech companies like GoAnimate and Evite. Advancing free and open source features while making money is possible. Google’s policy of being liberal with its intellectual property is maybe the reason why people keep flocking to Android, Chrome and cloud-only notebook ChromeOS.

All good, but the website I’m gonna feature today is a Google collaborating company Box.com .With 6 million users the tech company offers better storage space(5 GB versus 2) than DropBox. Add to that Box’s direct browser interface I’m curious to see what major differences their are between the two.

Though DropBox is apparently preferred by other users I just haven’t had the opportunity to use the storage system. Which is a shame because a lot of companies and government offices could use the back-up data system. Which I will help, for a nominal fee.

Now I need invites to use the collaboration feature well. So email me: ardeend@gmail.com. See, you can edit your docs at the same time.

Elsewhere in the Net:

Israel-Gaza conflict parody with Angry Birds.

“Inday” Sarah Duterte apologizes.

Weird Al’s interpretation of Lady Gaga’s Born this Way.


Just signed up for UBUNTU ONE’s free 5GB of storage. Since I downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 a year ago for install experiments I shouldn’t feel as guilty.

BOX.com crashes everytime I open my Powerpoint presentation.


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