LAN Servicing

Our Lan servicing class wants us to dismantle, identify and rearrange the parts of an SU (System Unit). So to make my job easier I video recorded the session with my 2MP phone (MUST. HAVE. MOAR. MEGAPIXELS.). Howled at by my compatriots by shouting “Wala na sa ilahang bukid”(Not in their mountain base) I angrily riposted at creating a video lecture. Perhaps I’m just too advanced for my generation or it’s that whole “Ikaw ra na Roy….”[1] incident all over again.

Must Memorize

Will post video later.

Elsewhere in the net:

Microsoft’s Windows 8 with touchscreen support.

Comparing NetBeans to Eclipse

Comment at AntiPinoy: NO U!

1. In reference to an incident where I was chastising my house mate after she was shouting “Hey Joe!” to a passing Caucasian.Apparently being appalled on how we treat our visitors and screaming like an ignorant monkey is something to be proud of.


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