Learning 2 CLoud

A few hours ago I downloaded the file for DropBox. DropBox is this much-hyped product I keep hearing as a really cool thing in file storage. Freeing the internet connected world from perniciously misplaced DVD’s and USB sticks. Apparently it’s an overpriced cloud storage system like Amazon’s E2 Cloud and Google.

The development of cloud based storage systems has only been a recent development. With advanced virtualization options such as memory and processing we now have the option of backing up and sharing our files in the internet. Creating backup for massive piles of data without investing in an IT infrastructure.

With an ever increasing need for recall of important data this couldn’t have come at a better time. Much productivity is lost when data is trapped in ancient PC’s and USB sticks which have no redundancy built in. Deliberately or innocently this loses time and effort.

This does not optimize the centralized potential of IT systems. Instead of trapping data we should create a program of recall data like Gmail’s recovery of trashed email. Centralizing and using its data collating power for immediate use. This should be taken into effect and utilized ASAP. Preferably in Linux :P.

Now an interesting problem emerges in computer infrastructure in more remote areas where a.) internet connection is slow or unavailable b.) electrical and computer access varies. An interesting solution to connect data from barangay to barangay would be to connect them to a transit phone with Bluetooth connection. From their, transfer PDF and Word Files to other computers via physical presence. Transfer again through the center and gather data. If possible, probably even transfer through text and SMS.

However government budget at this point will not suffice(wanted to use the word in a looong time). Thus we’ll need the phones to match and USB adapters. Technical manpower requiring seminars. Improved Satellite internet backbone – not that SmartBro, Tatoo crap. Donations thus will be graciously accepted


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